Croft 1945 (a gift to the club from Ann Turner)

Colour is fading, but still red, not brown. Ageing gracefully.

Nose: quite boozy but with damsons, sloe berries, morello cherries and herbaceous spice as well! Heady perfume. Quite lovely.

Palate: lovely - one of the most elegant port wines I've ever had, but hidden power behind it. There is heat, but it's ok, it works. The fruit's slightly dry. Very enjoyable - excellent with the Dunsyre Blue & quince jelly.

2 hours later was a revelation - full integration with dryness and heat being replace by glorious richness and unity. A complete and almost perfect wine in terms of structure, maturity, complexity. Wonderful. Should you be fortunate enough to obtain a bottle, please decant and allow to breathe for at least 3 hours.


Tasted 4/9/05 at Naughton