So this is the plan

The plan is an article once or twice a week. Not too long, but long enough to express a thought or two and be thorough about it. There will be tasting notes as well, but not to the point of distraction, and not with the sole purpose of showing off how nice it is to drink amazing wine (though that is very nice). 

There will also be links to other things happening around the drinks world (mostly wine, but with beer and whisky as well), with a small amount of commentary or analysis. 

That's about it. The goal is quality, not quantity. I'd rather get a story right than get a story first.

About me

I'm a writer, winemaker and wine merchant living in London. I like the Red Sox.  I wrote a book about winemaking. Please buy it.

I've written another book. It has nothing to do with winemaking. Please support it here.

I write another blog when I should be writing something else.